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Mission & Vision

The mission of Seven Homes is to reach out to youth in need of love, safety, and stability.  The therapeutic vision of this mission is to serve the needs of the whole child.

Seven Homes is a faith-based agency whose mission is to serve the five primary needs of the whole child (physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual) in order to promote healing.  Healing comes through relationship and connection with God and with others.  Seven Homes' beliefs and services provided are rooted in the teachings of the Bible.  Seven Homes acknowledges the Bible to be the inspired Word of God that teaches there is One True God, and that salvation is a gift gained through forgiveness.  Seven Homes seeks to make available the teachings of Christian principles while respecting the religious beliefs of each individual.

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The Reduction of Multiple Placements:

This goal focuses on stopping foster children from bouncing from foster home to foster home. This is accomplished through in-depth training, the ability to match the child to the right family, and the support provided to the family during placement.

To Reduce the Amount of Time a Child Spends in Care:

This goal focuses on achieving permanency for the child within a year. This is accomplished by embracing shared parenting with the birth families and working together in the efforts towards reunification. The relationship with the birth family bears directly on the length of time a child stays in care.

The Establishment of a Permanent Family:

This goal focuses on the final outcome for the child. This is accomplished by supporting reunification when possible, or supporting the desire to adopt, or aggressively recruiting adoptive families when a forever family is not identified.


Seven Homes was established in 1995 in High Point, NC by a group of Social Workers, Direct Care Staff, and Mental Health Professionals who were concerned about the outcomes for children in the foster care system. They joined together to provide an alternative that addressed the high frequency of multiple placements for children, the extended length of time children spent in the system, and the lack of permanency for many children, youth, and young adults.

Seven Homes is now headquartered in Greensboro, NC with multiple satellite offices throughout the state.  The focus remains on serving the needs of children and families involved in the foster care and adoption system. Seven Homes’ philosophy is all about finding homes for children, not children for families.


Seven Homes’ MAPP classes have a trauma informed focus utilizing the TBRI model. TBRI stands for Trust Based Relational Intervention.  With several TBRI Practitioners on staff, Seven Homes is dedicated to preparing families to demonstrate love, grace and forgiveness the way the Bible tells us to.

We provide a wide range of managed placement support, family activities, and a nurturing approach that separates us from other agencies.  Foster and Adoptive families with Seven Homes frequently describe their relationship with us as being an extended member of their family.

In partnership with the NC Department of Social Services and the North Carolina Guardian- Ad- Litem Program, Seven Homes works to reunify families where possible or find a forever family when reunification fails. Our ongoing priority will always be to provide the highest-quality care for the children placed in the homes of our foster care and adoptive parents. Our focus is to serve the needs of the "whole child". We believe that children are best served when all their spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social needs are served.

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