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Adoption through Foster Care

Seven Homes is a foster care agency that works diligently to see permanency achieved for the children we care for. Permanency can be achieved through Reunification, Custody, Guardianship or Adoption.

As a State licensed Adoption Agency, we seek to help our licensed foster families who have placement and a desire to adopt the children in their home, complete that adoption.

Our hope and heart for our children is safe reunification with family when possible. We believe in the unique opportunity to bless birth families by supporting them and caring for their children while they work towards reconciliation as a family.


When permanency cannot be achieved through reunification, children in our care find permanency through Adoption, Custody, or Guardianship. 

Seven Homes foster families who have a child or children in their home, whose plan changes to adoption, are offered the opportunity to be a forever family.  We provide adoption services including, but not limited to adoptive home studies, home study updates and legal contracts to see the child’s case through to finalization of adoption.  We provide these services at no cost to our licensed Seven Homes foster families. 

Seven Homes only provides adoption services for foster care adoptions. Seven Homes does not provide international adoption service or domestic infant adoption services. We focus on achieving permanency for children in the foster care system. 

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